LCP Health services support litigation and arbitration following injury for cases involving personal injury, medical malpractice and human rights. Assessments draw on a range of information including medical records, client/collateral interview, standardized tests and clinical observations.

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Maryse Good, Judical Assistant, Supreme Court Judges Chambers


Disability Case Management:

Medical and rehabilitative expertise combined with a sound working knowledge of the health care system ensures effective and appropriate care for clients is provided in a timely fashion. Communication with and between health care team members is initiated and maintained to facilitate a well-coordinated response to the client’s rehabilitation and medical needs. LCP Health pride ourselves in being able to facilitate lasting solutions that benefit everyone involved.

Life Care Plan/Cost of Future Care:

Future care requirements for long term are methodically determined through comprehensive evaluation. The amount of support and assistance required to attain pre-accident level of functioning is clearly outlined in future care costs. Equipment, home modifications, attendant care, homemaking, childcare, travel assistance and other requirements are addressed in a detailed report.

Cognitive Assessment and Retraining:

Establishing some baseline measurements of cognitive function can be an essential guideline for rehabilitation interventions. LCP Health assesses and design cognitive programs that use both restorative and adaptive methods to compensate for a person’s cognitive limitations following injury, illness or disease.

Quality of Life Assessment:

An Independent Living Skills Profile determines a client’s functional status in many areas including Safety/Health, Money Management, Memory/Orientation, Social Adjustments and Managing Home & Transportation. This is vital information in decision-making for provision of appropriate levels of support & assistance.