Physiotherapy – Active Rehabilitation

We believe that everybody is meant to move and life is meant to be lived fully.

Physiotherapy is a diverse, multifaceted treatment that helps rehabilitate people affected by injury, illness or disability. It combines many modalities of healing, all of which are based on medical science, to restore the body back to optimal health, mobility, and vitality. We treat a wide range of clients with various musculoskeletal conditions on a daily basis.

While we treat anyone who wants to move better, we do offer several areas of specialty and expertise. These include manual therapy, cupping and a variety of specific practice methodologies including Mulligan Concept, McKenzie method and the Selective Functional Movement Assessment.

Active Rehabilitation

Specific therapeutic exercise prescription is an essential part of any comprehensive physiotherapy treatment program and/or return to work plan. All physiotherapists are trained to prescribe exercises focused on strengthening and rebuilding injured muscles, increasing flexibility in shortened soft tissues and regained joint control and balance. Your unique exercise regime will help to enhance the rehabilitation of your current injury, as well as preventing it and further injuries from occurring in the future.

Some sessions with your physiotherapist can be spent entirely in our fully-equipped rehabilitation gym (as per the left hand side photo), depending on your goals of treatment and what stage of healing and recovery you are in.

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Physiotherapists aim to ease the symptoms of pain through education and exercises that will help you function, move, and live better. Did you know that pain is 100% of the time produced by the brain? This includes all pain no matter how it feels sharp, dull, strong or mild and no matter how long you’ve had it. You might have had pain for a few weeks or months, this is called acute pain. Acute pain is common with tissue damage from for example, a back injury or ankle sprain. Pain for three months or more is generally called persistent or chronic because in this type of pain, tissue damage is not the main issue. In Canada, one in five people will experience some form of chronic pain in their lifetime.

How pain and the brain work together

After an injury, it is common for the brain to keep producing pain signals even after the body tissues are restored and out of danger. Ongoing pain produced by the brain is less about structural changes in the body, and more about the sensitivity of the nervous system, in other words, it’s more complex. To try to figure out what is going on you need to retrain the brain and nervous system. To do this it’s helpful to look at what may be contributing to your individual pain experience and affecting your nervous system.


Understanding one’s own condition is fundamental in learning how to manage and recover from injury and pain. We educate and coach you through the exercises in the program and work with you to identify and overcome the barriers holding you back from living a life filled with movement.

We look at your needs and guide your therapy. We may perform hands-on treatments for your symptoms.

Manual Therapy:

Manual therapy refers to “hands-on” treatment of the body. Our therapists have undergone extensive post-graduate training in manual therapy techniques including joint mobilizations, various soft-tissue release techniques and mobilizations of the nervous system.

This means they are expertly trained in locating restrictions in joints, muscles and ligaments and have the skill set to effectively assess and treat these injuries through specific therapeutic movement and manipulation using their hands.

Such techniques can be useful in the healing of muscle, joint and tendon sprains and strains such as those sustained during sports injuries or motor-vehicle accidents. Restrictions and scar tissue within these soft-tissues creates changes in movement patterns and limits the range of motion possible within joints, which can lead to pain, disability and decreased performance.

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“This place is amazing. I spoke with and dealt with Adam Bailey and was very satisfied with his extensive knowledge, patience, and thoroughness of our appointment. I was at first detered of the price but decided to stick it out and I’m very happy I did. If you’re a YKer in need of physiotherapy I would recommend coming here over waiting 5-6 months at Stanton” -Tommy Jorge

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