Kinesiology & Corrective Exercise

How do you move?

We offer individualized exercise programs to help you move optimally

Aside from stress, the biggest obstacle getting in the way of someone wanting to achieve their optimal health and wellness fitness goals is pain and/or injury.

Kinesiology is, essentially, the study of how we move our bodies. It sounds simple, but is so important! Our movement patterns play a huge role in our athletic performance, in injury prevention and recovery, and chronic pain. Studies show that 85% of people will experience severe back pain in their life! Over time, our bodies learn movement patterns, and they become so ingrained that we barely notice them. It may seem like we are moving “normally”, when we may actually be moving our bodies in ways that compensate for a little bit of pain, or that aren’t ideal because of the demands of our work.


Recurrent injuries and pain can hold you back and put off starting a program until the perfect time. Don’t wait to be in top condition to get involved in an individualized training program. We work with individuals with complex injuries and health concerns to design safe, supervised and effective plans and programs to get you back to your moving optimally so you can enjoy your life activities.

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“This place is amazing. I spoke with and dealt with Adam Bailey and was very satisfied with his extensive knowledge, patience, and thoroughness of our appointment. I was at first detered of the price but decided to stick it out and I’m very happy I did. If you’re a YKer in need of physiotherapy I would recommend coming here over waiting 5-6 months at Stanton”
-Tommy Jorge

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