Repair – Restore – Revitalize

“There is a vast difference between treating the effects and adjusting the cause “– D.D Palmer (Founder of Chiropractor)

Why is it important?

Most people understand that plaque on our teeth is a common occurrence, but in order to keep our teeth healthy we brush them …. And when we don’t care for them their health deteriorates.

Our Purpose

With this understanding of how important your nervous system is your health, it’s our mission to educate and care for as many families and individuals of all ages so you grow and live, enjoyable, sustainable, and healthy lives.

First Visit

Gaining your trust and making an informed choice.

We understand when evaluating your health concerns it’s important to get to know you. On this visit we will take you through health history and let your body do the talking with a number of objective tests of your spine and nervous system.

For your first visit, pelase allow approximately 45 minutes for your appointment which includes initial paper work review.

We look forward to meeting you and helping your body REPAIR, RESTORE and REVITALIZE itself naturally!

Neuro – Ortho 

Neurological and orthopedic tests appropriate for all ages assessing development milestones in kids and deficits in adults. 

Posture Analysis 

Postural assessment analysing how efficiently your body is functioning under gravity, as well as where you may be compensating /putting more stress on other areas. 

“I have been very impressed by my experience with physiotherapy at this LCP Health location in Yellowknife. I appreciated the systematic approach taken to determine the source of my injury and that working with the physiotherapist was a collaborative process in which great care was taken to achieve an optimal outcome for me. I have noticed dramatic improvement in my condition in a short time, and the quality of patient care here has been outstanding in my experience thus far. In addition, the customer service is exceptional and the facility and employees are very welcoming. The studio is also very well appointed with clean and modern equipment. I think that anyone looking for physiotherapist should look into LCP Health! This clinic seems to be an under-utilized resource in Yellowknife that many could leverage to improve their health and wellbeing. – Simon Kassissia “