Rebecca GibbonsRegistered Massage Therapist 1

Rebecca Gibbons, Registered Massage Therapist has lived in Yellowknife for 21 years and calls the North her home. After completing her 2200 hour Massage Therapy program in Alberta in 2014 she decided to return to Yellowknife to share her knowledge and passion for massage with her fellow northerners. Rebecca is Registered with the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada and is able to provide clients receipts for reimbursement through their individual benefit plans.

She is trained in Swedish Massage and has a professional focus on Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Hydrotherapy, Myofascial release, and Lymphatic Drainage. February 2015, Rebecca journeyed to Maui to learn the art of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Hot Stone Massage. By May 2017 it was time for a new professional development which she chose a Dynamic Cupping course in Lethbridge, which is now offered at the clinic! She looks forward to continuing her education with professional development courses so she can grow and develop her practice to benefit her clients.

Registered Massage Therapist 2Edwin Quintero

Edwin Quintero, RMT, Trained in Calgary at the Makami College and is an active member in good standing with 3000 Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy hours, registered with the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada and is able to provide receipts or direct billing to third party insurance companies (Sunlife, Manulife etc).

For 10 years Edwin worked in the construction field, he began to experience pain which prompted his research into pain management techniques. That is when he discovered the benefits for Registered Massage Therapy. Practicing since 2015 – his most loyal clients are his former construction co-workers and other individuals who have very physical professions. With his history in construction he is well suited to assist those who work in strenuous and heavy duty positions to achieve an overall better health and a decrease in pain and discomfort.

Edwin is trained in Swedish Massage and has a professional focus on Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Hydrotherapy, Myofascial release, Lymphatic Drainage, Cupping and Muscle Energy Techniques. He provides rehabilitation massage and pain management to clients with injuries from work, recreational activities or MVA’s.

Registered Massage Therapist 3Andrea Stevenson

Andrea is a 2200-hour registered massage therapist, a certified reflexologist, a CranioSacral Therapy practitioner and a certified Usui and Karuna Reiki Master. Her areas of practice in massage therapy include: relaxation massage; therapeutic massage; Thai yoga massage; CranioSacral Therapy; lymphatic drainage; myofascial release; pregnancy and post-natal massage; and chair massage.

When Andrea is not working, she is spending time with her cats and dogs, hiking, snowshoeing and camping.

Registered Massage Therapist 4Michaelis Harrison

Michaelis Hurst, RMT Trained in Winnipeg at the Massage Therapy College of Manitoba, Michaelis is Registered with the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada. She has over 5 years of clinical experience, working with a variety of injury rehabilitation programs and pain management along with pre-natal massage, relaxation and holistic healing techniques. She enjoys bringing many modalities into her practice, incorporating Swedish Massage with Myofascial Release, Cupping, Hydrotherapy, Deep Tissue, Muscle Energy Techniques, and Sports Massage.

Registered Massage Therapist 5Vudzirai Mashoro

Vudzirai Mashoro, Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) moved to Yellowknife to be close to her family after completing her 2315 Massage Therapy Program in Toronto. She is registered with Natural Health Practitioners of Canada and is in good standing. Vudzirai is experienced in Swedish massage with Myofascial Release, Hydrotherapy, Deep Tissue, Muscle Energy Technique, and Lymphatic Drainage. She looks forward to expanding her practise in the near future. Off work, Vudzirai enjoys spending time with her newborn grandson, reading and knitting.

In Diavik Dimond Mine:

Registered Massage Therapist 6Sarah Ross

Sarah Ross is a graduate of Advanced Massage Therapy 3000 Hour Program, and a Certified Personal Trainer with over three years of experience. Sarah has a background in sports therapy, and specializes in deep tissue massage and rehabilitation for chronic injuries and pain. She has experience working with professional athletes for maintaining optimal health and performance. Sarah offers deep tissue massage with stretching incorporated, sports therapy, therapeutic massage, relaxation, and myofascial cupping. Sarah has spent time living and working on various islands around the world, growing her knowledge on the various healing aspects of the body. She also offers reiki energy healing with massage treatments. Sarah enjoys catering to each individual, and making treatment plans to heal the body and live a pain free life.