Brad Steyn

Brad Steyn is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC). His approach to
counselling involves an extensive background in mentoring, teaching, training
and advocacy work ranging from working with youth and adults in the non-profit
sector and the academy (high schools and colleges). At the moment, Brad works
for the Yellowknife School District as their “Community Liaison Counsellor.”
Before that, Brad had been involved in managing a downtown Vancouver shelter,
with all the complexities of caring for the most vulnerable people in that city, as
well as using his counselling and experience to assist these people with their
mental health challenges. Brad sees his primary role as a counsellor as helping
clients finding the answers to their current predicament/s. His passion is to work
collaboratively with clients to empower them to negotiate their way forward and
experience the desired outcomes they are looking for. It is Brad’s desire to see
people embrace their “true selves,” to be empowered to become the person they
were created to be.

Brad’s approach to counselling is multi-faceted, incorporating a number of
therapeutic lenses, which includes Existential Therapy, Person Centred Therapy,
Narrative Therapy, Systems and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. His therapeutic
areas of interest include: family history, life transitions, depression, anxiety, grief
and loss, trauma, cross-cultural dynamics, justice, empowerment, relationships
and the integration of counselling and spirituality.

Brad grew up in a divided South African context, and in his late teens and early
twenties expressed his opposition to the Apartheid government. As a result, he
understands the way people feel the affects of oppression, abuse,
disempowerment and discontentment that result from not being able to be or
express themselves in an authentic manner.