Yvonne Applewhaite

Yvonne Applewhaite is a 2008 graduate of Wellington College of Remedial Massage therapy in Winnipeg, MB. Since graduating, Yvonne has worked at a couple of clinics where her skill level and massage knowledge became invaluable assets to both the clinic and the clients with whom she came in contact.

Yvonne treated a vast amount of different conditions especially those of the upper body pertaining to shoulders and neck region.  She acquired the reputation of being the “shoulder specialist” as her massage therapy peers and the chiropractor with whom she worked, would refer their clients to her for treatment of conditions for which they either lack the appropriate skill to aid in the client's condition, or where they were unsuccessful in the ability to correct or remedy the problem.

Yvonne's success and reputation became her undoing as many clients found great satisfaction in having their condition and problems solved under her care. Many clients commented on the immediate difference they experienced following her care and approach to massage treatment.

Yvonne recently completed a course on pelvic stabilization and structural integration which addressed low back pain, hip pain and associated problems.  In addition, she also completed orthopedic massage for complicated cervical (neck) conditions , as well as massage treatment for alleviating  Pyriformis syndrome- a low back and sciatica associated condition.

Yvonne comes to LCP with a good deal of knowledge and with a different technique to massage therapy, having been a learner of the STAMINA approach to muscle alignment for massage therapy. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Reflexology for massage therapy, Manual lymphatic drainage for pre and post-op, and prenatal levels 1 and 2 are some of the skill and treatment approaches that she holds in her arsenal.

Yvonne's philosophy is that learning is a lifelong activity if you want to be the best you can be.  To reach the level for which she strives, Yvonne maintains active membership in the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada Association (NHPCA), whose conferences she attends annually, as well as the additional workshops on topics relevant to the profession, so as to acquire the latest information in knowledge and skill, in order to hone her abilities to achieve a level of skill in massage knowledge and technique to benefit those clients who come under her skillful hands-on approach to massage treatment.

If you are looking for more from your massage therapist, then toddle in to LCP Health and book in with Yvonne, You will be glad you did!!