Emily Roback, Chiropractor

Emily Roback is a chiropractor, fitness guru, and safety advisor.  Emily has been identified as a consultant to assist in various projects for ConocoPhillips Canada, Canadian Natural Resources Ltd., Caltech Surveys Ltd., Cordy’s Environmental Ltd, Calgary Police (Air Service), Edmonton Police (Air Service), Canadian Royal Navy, Department of National Defence of Canada, and United States Department of Defence, to improve HSE performance and reduce injuries in the workplace.   Emily was named to Pathmark Locum Services Award 2005 and the Canadian Youth Business Foundation Award 2007 for taking the initiative to start a practice and TV show in Alberta, Canada. Furthermore, she was a Global News Calgary “Woman of Vision” award recipient in 2013 and Women in Aviation “Wings over 35” scholarship recipient in 2014. 

Dr. Roback has been featured in numerous magazine articles and newspapers, including Fitness Trainer Canada 2004, Real Women on the Run 2008, Search and Rescue Canada 2008, Canadian Chiropractor Magazine 2008, The National Post 2008, Red Deer Express 2008, Hearing Loss Journal 2012, Calgary Herald 2011/2013 and Leader Post 2013, and Northern News Service Newspaper 2016. Furthermore, she is developing and implementing a new aquatherapy program for NWT residents seeking supervised exercises in a gravity reduced environment.