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Our Values

Professional development and training: – As our field of practice is constantly evolving, LCP Health greatly value post-graduation specialization and provide all staff with professional development.  We believe it is this emphasis of education and training that differentiates LCP Health from “run of the mill” physiotherapy practices.

Best practices: – Delivering quality health care.  We value providing northerners with timely service in a professional environment and believe this is what they deserve.  Both Wendy and Marion  were elected by peers and volunteered to sit on national board’s which represent their professions and maintain competitive skills and knowledge.  Additionally, LCP Health staff are heavily involved as clinical fieldwork educators for the University of Alberta.

Timely return to work: – Our goal at LCP Health is that individuals return to work as quickly as possible, in same job with same employer.  This allows insurance companies to mitigate claim costs. It is a bold goal and yet our records verify our prior success and commitment.

Our Team

Adam Bailey

Amanda Tritton

Edwin Quintero
Registered Massage Therapists

Vudzirai Mashoro
Registered Massage Therapists

Blaze Flewell
Registered Massage Therapists

Émilie Charette
Registered Massage Therapists

Angela Gold
Registered Massage Therapists

Wendy MacDonald
Speech Therapist

Brad Steyn

Jenny (Yu Chen) Cheng

Marion Hutton
Occupational Rehab

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