Emily Roback, Certified Personal Trainer

Emily Roback is a kinesiologist, personal trainer, author, and professional speaker, based in Yellowknife, NT whose speaking topics and published works helped individuals and organizations peel back the layers of their own personalities and brands to access their core purpose while improve their overall health.  She called it (and still calls it) their “Gold Medal Lifestyle Makeover’.

Emily Roback got involved in personal training, along with other things like public speaking.  For her, it was like ‘cross-training’ a way to improve her platform skills and keynote speaking. At one of the conferences she went to, another speaker leaned over to her and said. ‘Hey, it would be great if you could this kind of thing, but with an established clinic and lodge.”

And that is how the idea for Gold Medal Life was born.

The first professional speaking event was held in October 2007 at a women’s trade show with a stage, audio, and just 30 people in the room – half of who were either patients or stage technicians. Within a few years, Emily’s ‘Gold Medal Lifestyle Makeover’ began to influence the selection of followers who connected with her on Facebook, Linked-in, and Twitter. The talks became more significant and meaningful.

Audiences began to grow.  Emily is now moving her monthly health seminars and personal training services to LCP Health – a local clinic which provides a professional setting and a cool vibe.  Combined with Emily’s fun and professional emceeing style, the event will be more like an educational and entertaining show. As a host, Emily provides a fun night out for audiences that keep getting bigger and bigger.

In 2003, Emily was featured on the cover of Fitness Trainer Canada Magazine, the first magazine that showcased her skills as a personal trainer and speed skating athlete.  This was followed by performing in a series of inline skating stunt shows as a Ms. Fitness Toronto competitor during her chiropractic studies.  

While Emily takes the stage as a health educator in the Northwest Territories, she will continue to build fitness training programs for LCP Health.